Samaira's goal is to find scalable and sustainable businesses run by quality managements embodying stewardship of capital. Samaira deploys a rigorous top-down bottoms-up integrated approach after triangulating trends emerging at a macro, industry and policy level. Samaira has a preference for opportunities in the small to mid-cap space, taking advantage of thematic, catalyst and policy driven opportunities.

The fund has a relentless focus to develop a repeatable successful investment process that is compatible with its philosophy. After having identified portfolio positioning, Samaira sources its investment opportunities through a combination of research, company visits, corporate events and extensive personal contacts. Once an investment that meets standardized criteria is approved, the Fund deploys predetermined checks and balances to monitor, control risks and make timely exits.

At Samaira, our edge lies in
a. Our team, which has a proven track record of 55 years and has access to a diverse network of corporates, professionals and policy makers
b. Our diverse sector expertise, with experience across public and private markets
c. High alignment of interests with principals having a substantial equity interest in the fund

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